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Planning on implementing SAP IBP, Statistical forecasting, selling through distributors or agents or you intend to prevent lost sales from stock outages, are understaffed or resources-constrained.


Implementing and deploying a best in class model builds on capabilities and requires efficient tools, good practices, performance tracking and much more. We’ll help you benchmark your business first (e.g. we estimate the value between the "TO-BE” level of inventory vs. the “AS-IS”).


We operate as trainer for SAP Education to ensure the full SAP IBP courses in Europe. During this course, we also share our implementation experiences on SAP SCM Solutions as well as our Supply Chain process knowledge.

Mitigate risks & focus on your capabilities

☆ Implementing and deploying best in class model ☆


The purpose of these statements is to highlight a few key features.

“ We’ve implemented Fastprod in parallel run over 6 months to test the benefits of cleaning actual historical data points in monthly buckets vs. weekly buckets. ”


Function: Supply Chain ; Role: Demand Planning ; Level: ManagerSource: User "Marie Tim"

“ I wanted to connect with Fastprod consultants has they provides functional expertise, value chain basics process and methods using "Beer Game-like" simulation. ”


Function: Supply Chain ; Role: Supply Planning ; Level: ManagerSource: User "Thierry Golo"

“ I was looking for a correct, comprehensive safety-stock calculation, not just a spreadsheet. ”


Function: Supply Chain ; Role: Demand & Supply Planning ; Level: PlannerSource: User "Bowie Kent"

Alternative for...

Planning tools for everyone, bringing value to all.

Deployed by companies ranging from 50 million to 4 billion US$ (product range from 50 items to 20’000 for up to 30 warehouses).

Sales target alignment

Top down, bottom up, sales territory forecast, customer forecast, many ways to plan, one target. e.g.allow your sales managers and representatives to see key information on events, customers sales rate, PO status or inventories availability

Sales assumptions

Upscale from standard excel features and facilitate demand data accessibility.

Exception management

Change in customer demand for the top A items is key, tracking of lost sales and sharing exceptions with your team or business partners is recognized as a good management practice.

Statistical forecasting

Corridor of demand can be statistically estimated and is a proven practice facilitating sales rep. target management as well as an effective tool for sales completion tracking.

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