Material management

Product availability at point of sale is probably one of the most important factor in being successful in business. The higher the product availability is the larger your revenues and earned margins are. This module includes all you need to manage replenishment and inventory processes in a controlled way. Best practices from the industry are reflected in the software solution.

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Product masterdata screen
Source : Leshop sample product catalog extracted by DB4ALL

- DB4ALL is a Start-Up at the Database Laboratory at EPFL funded by Innogrant.

Harvard Business Review “By differentiating SKU’s according to their actual demand patterns you can reduce inventories on some SKU’s and increase them on others - thereby improving your profitability on entire lines...Allocating the right mix of merchandise is one of the biggest challenges faced by retailers.” is designed to help you orchestrate the flow of orders and it’s visibility. By simultaneously capturing actual orders, orders in inventories and lead times to delivery, we provide you with time-phases order plan.