Large and midsize company


Manufacturers to wholesalers, distributors, retailers and agents

We can help if you :
- plan to implement SAP APO
- implement Statistical forecasting
- use Excel for demand or sales planning
- use spreadsheets for inventory management
- operates several sales channels
- are selling through distributors or agents
- handle or plan collaborative, company-wide process

Our solutions can add value if you :
- use different means of distribution
- have 1 or more production plants
- thing it takes too much time to open remotely
- deal with regional sales center
- rely on stand-alone solutions
- look for sales planning consistency between sales reps and managers
- intend to deploy a planning tool for nontechnical users
- improve the linkage between internal and/or external customers

Our services brings quick wins if you :
- use Excel for annual budget exercise
- have limited IT staff
- need to prevent lost sales from stock outages
- report excess inventory
- guess item demand based on high level assumptions
- forecast budget on an ad-hoc basis as conditions changes
- ... are understaffed or resources-constrained