OnDemand Planning platform to simulate business strategy benefits


Analyse and manipulate data

Adapting to changing markets, organization or industry need, requires from business, time and resources. Selecting appropriate solution, providing a combination of key functionality, easily implemented, transparent for the end-user and delivering the expected value is a chalenging task.

The main simulation topic is concerning the process of cleaning actual historical data points prior selection of statistical model. The benefits of doing it in monthly buckets vs. weekly buckets for example.

Prior to develop in house tools for your business units or subsidiaries, provide them with our solution. Speed up solution such as SAP APO or JDA/Maugistics implementation and more :

- Benchmark solutions : run simulations using in house data prior to implementation, challenge Conventional model vs. SaaS model as output can feed external system.

- Prof of concept : implement parallel run approach over a few months, test specific algorithm or concept and elect the fastprod.com solutions for temporary tool implementation.

- Business schools : beer game like simulation, support roles and responsibilities constraints with key processes and ERP implementations.

- organization mindset : fact base demonstration of concept added value, statistical forecast with and with out cleaning or inventory savings out of regular computation of safety stock.