Tailored solutions to meet process enhancement needs


E-business to enhance process reengineering initiatives

Our On-Demand applications allow you to buy Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and get up and running faster and cheaper. We take out the complexity of application maintenance, management, support, upgrades as well as the complexities of providing application and data access to remote and mobile users.

Fastprod.com e-business suites to deliver adjusted operating model :

The first step is based on your existing assets and infrastructure analysis, leveraged by our e-business suites. The second step consists in delivering an adjusted operating model to your operating network without restructuring your assets.

- Tools : some of our modules can be embed into your application or adapted. Most common module is the on-line Safety Stock Console to define statistically a quantity of products to keep in stock at all time to garantee a determine service level to your cutomers.

- Simulations : for your business to enable decision makers and managers to make informed and better decisions. Set-up alternative "what-if" scenarios based on your assumptions. Fastprod BPLAN for Budget Planning review allow you to challenge planned forecast projections against current actual. Compute your gap’s, estimat next year inventory value/volume, update promotion plans, etc.

- OLAP services : our solutions enables rapid employee productivity, while empowering managers. The OLAP GATE is designed to make better business decisions and ease decisions. A business intelligence add-on to cover Analysis to Reporting requirements.

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