Implementing and deploying a best in class model

Inventory policies

Stock cover and working capital improvements

Material management capabilities are requiring tools, good practices, performance tracking and much more. To start ASAP, your inventory drivers and components are to be closely monitored but most important role definition and responsibilities have to be defined.

Our solution eliminates high upfront costs, automatically analyze large set of data and helps you start or benchmark your business... Monitoring your existing performance first. Define a "nice to have" level of inventory and compare vs. the as-is : compute your savings.

- Service level analysis : from corporate-wide product line to SKU at the retail shelf... are you delivery the service level supporting your growth target ? Are the correct A item in inventory ? What are the D item over stocked ?

- Minimum and maximum Stock-keeping unit management : Time-phased supply planning. On-going warnings, evaluation of your inventory positions over your horizon linked to demand plans variance. A short, medium and long term corridor along different Aggregated Supply Points Spot (ASP SpotĀ®) items and highlight ASAP issues or opportunities to reduce inventories.

- Safety stock estimation, generation and feed : Deployment of sustainable material management procedures by implement SKU Inventory Reviews benchmark (SIRĀ® benchmark) and close the loop by feeding your ERP with updated values by products and locations on a regular basis.