THE COMPANY : a decade of proven services and methodologies that have helps companies deploying processes and improve operational performance. We brings real world knowledge and experience out of many countries implementations and a portfolio of services to help you achieve quick wins. Only one rule : demonstrate the impact of the recommendations first...

THE SOLUTION : our products support and facilitates companies with APS, processes, best practices or collaborative implementation initiatives. Delivered as a service over the Internet, our applications reduces the integration and internal IT maintenance burden. Ideal for resources-constrained SMB’s or large departments to move head of competitors.

Forecast your products sales and revenues. Compute Safety Stock level, replenishment needs and release orders.


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Our expertize

We’ll help remove outliers and ease statistical forecasting


It takes in total 15 days to implement the Sales Forecast module. Easy to use, training is usually delivered in as little as six hours in the standard configuration.

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SAP APO advisory

Leveraging SAP APO - CRM experience and good practices.

Beta version of the recently SaaS portal release was tested over 18 months by companies ranging from 50 millions to 4 billions US$. Product range went from 50 items to 20’000 and for up to 30 warehouses.

Usage of the PLAN module is FREE for companies with less than 50 products.